Join the FES PAC

The FES PAC is an officially recognized collective voice of parents for the school. We are an elected group of volunteers who provide opportunities to bridge communication between parents and the school. Monthly meetings with the Principal and Vice Principal are held to discuss many aspects of the school including, but not limited to, policy changes, parent concerns, financial assistance opportunities and school events.

DID YOU KNOW YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXECUTIVE MEMBER TO HAVE A VOTE? Any parents with a student enrolled at FES is a voting member of the PAC, you just have to attend meetings.

There is government funding that is specifically allocated to PACs across the province, and if there is no PAC that funding does not go to that school. This funding often pays for events like, Swim to Survive, Skating Days and bussing for Ski Trips.


OCTOBER 13th – Watch for the Zoom link.

(Every second Tuesday of each month.)